Tiger Temple Tour in Thailand

Tiger Temple Thailand Tour

Tiger sanctuary as Buddhist Temple Thailand

Feeding Tiger Cubs in Tiger temple tour

Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi in Thailand

Tiger temple at Wat Luatha Bua Yanasompanno

This is the buddhist temple for all people to visit and do all ceremonies. The Tiger temple was know by Thai people as the Wat Luatha Bua Yanasompanno, the venerable monk from the noth-east of Thailand. No. Tiger temple was the main tourist attraction places for all travellers around the world to visit and do all exercises with the tigers.

 To see the tigers in temple, doing many activities inside over there were the great tour programs to do with your family and group tour . So, one thing is very important , you have to dress properly,

Lady : with the sleeves cover their shoulder, long pans to cover their kneel.

Man: Short is over and no bright colours at all,


This is the prepareing yourself  before to make tour to Tiger Temple Tour in Thailand,

Your tour groups will not be upset because of something a bit there.

Enjoy your Tour and Trip to Tiger Temple with a small bangkok tour program for your tour from Bangkok city.

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