How to Cross Thailand border to Angkor Wat (Bangkok – Poi Pet Train)

How to Cross Poi Pet Border?

for Angkor Wat Tour

Bangkok-Poi Pet Train

How to go to poi pet border? in your next destination from bangkok city to Cambodia, you can go by bus , van and train .

Train to Poi Pet Border for Cambodia Trip is the classic way which will bring you trough the rice fields of loval people , villages, cities, their culture.

Then you have more time to relax and explore it with your camera to keep all shots for your memory along the way.

Train will stop at last station at 13:oopm , then you connect to border by local tuk tuk over  about 50 Baht.

Aranyaphradet Train Station at the last station , if you are not hurry to go to the border crossing to Cambodia, taking your time to stay overnight in Town of Aranyaphradet will be the good time to explore border town in the city.

Aranyaphradet’s Hotels have many choices for travellers and tourists to stay . The border Market at Aranyaphradet is the biggest market in area, place for you to explore and find everything there.

To cross the border, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa ( E-Visa or Visa at the border)

**becareful about the scam at the border which they try to offer you choice to do the visa, the better choices for you to do with your tourist guide or travel agency .

In Cambodia Kingdom(anotherside after crossing the border)

  • Tourist guide: to pick up you at the border
  • Van: Private Van or Public bus , from your travel agency
  • Your map : in case you will walk to bus station
  • Private Taxi or Public buses: your transportation to choose to go to Siem Reap
  • Money: in UDS , aaceptable in eaverywhere for spending

The backpacker tourists travel to cross by yourself that is easy . You just have to read a little bit more about your accommodation to stay overthere in Siem Reamp. Because at the last station all they will come to bring you to their hotels and offering. You have to try the best choices by the prices or how many star do you want to live and stay?

Best Wish

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2 Responses to How to Cross Thailand border to Angkor Wat (Bangkok – Poi Pet Train)

  1. Jeremy says:

    Some day I’ll make it to Thailand 🙂

  2. Hi Jeramy , you can do it easy from bangkok city to visit angkor wat in Cambodia.
    you can jump to Van, public buses, train or private transfer to Poi Pet border in the east of Bangkok.

    I hope you will do it , that Angkor Wat is really great to explore.


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