Hua Hin Beach in Thailand

Hua Hin city with the beach

Phrachuab Kirikan province in Thailand

This is one beach of the most popular city beach in Thailand, many tourist&travellers will come to visit and stay at Hua Hin in the last week of the tour to South-East Asia. There are many activities to do for your day tour from Hua Hin .

At Hua Hin beach, The one palace was called “Klai kang won palace” is the palace of the present king which king and queen will come to take a rest and visit their people in each year.

The safety beach at Hua Hin and area for your activities, welcome to relax here with your beach stay.

Photos from Hua Hin city & beach

The city beach at Hua Hin in Thailand

Hua Hin with main road in city,


The signs in Hua Hin city to tell all tourists to find the places for their tours or Hua Hin sightseeing,

The street venders offer the souvenirs to travellers who came to visit the Hua Hin of city beach.

Another souvenir shop in Hua Hin city,

walking directly to the beach for many activities to do there,

Along the Hua Hin beach , you will see many tourists both Thai& foreigners at the beach,

The horse offers to tourists to ride along the beach. Welcome to beach in Thailand.

King of fuits in Thailand

We called it ” Durian” of The king of fruits in Thailand.

I’m sure that you known it very well , because all the hotels in Bangkok whey you try to carry in to your room.

You will see the security gards to block and check it .

That is because of the smelling of Durian ,it is very strong .

And the smelling will be in your hotel’s room for a longer than one day.

They have to work very hard after you had checked out from hotel.

Or you have to pay for cleaning your room.

Yo……..anyway it is the great taste of Durian, Durian is still be attracted those people to buy it.

It is super delicious………….

How do you think?       Agree………….or Nooooo………………….



Fruist from Thailand

Durian with spite skin/sharp, Thai fruits from market during tour to Kao Yai National Park in Korat ,Thailand.


Tour Tiger temple cave in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple cave

Kanchanaburi Tour ,Thailand

This is the one place to do tour in Kanchanaburi city from Bangkok in Thailand,

you will see the big temple of buddhist monks with the greatest view of rice field and riverfront from temple.

Tour to Bangkok city was one of the most popular destination in Asian country among the travellers around the world to Thailand, so some of tourists will visit Floating market , River Kwai Bridge, Riding on the death railway from World War II and Tiger temple .

Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple cave is the one of tourist place which you can combine with your main tourist places during your visit to Kanchanaburi city ,Thailand.

The main buildings in Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple Cave

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Kanchanaburi city,Thailand

This is the main buddha image in Wat Thamsue in Kanchanaburi city,Thailand.

This Wat Thamsue is very nice place to explore and visit in your tour to Kanchanaburi city. Welcome to the buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi city for your tour and culture tour.

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