Asiatique the riverfront in Bangkok city

Asiatique the Riverfront

At Jaroenkrung (Bangkok, Thailand)

The new shopping mall in style of Siam & Europe , it has 4 categories of entertainment on the river bank of Chao Phraya river.

Part 1: Jareon Krung , there are shops more than 1,000 shops to realize your things what do you want to buy here as the souvenir in morden styles & unique.
Part 2: Klang Muang; the mixing two culture East meet West for varity of food ,Bar beers, Opening -play ground

Part 3: Factory; inside of sawmill with the top new fashion shops more than 500 shops.                                            

Part 4: Riverside; the best view which you can get it from here at the riverside of Chao Phraya river with many shops with another food restuarants.


What can you see here?  these are the great shows to see at Asiatuqe the Riverfront

  • Calypso show,
  • Joe Louis’s puppet show

Open: 5pm – 12am in everyday

Jade Buddha in Thailand

This is the Jade Buddha , I got from Central world which anyone can go to worship an pray

overthere in everyday in Bangkok,Thailand.

Tiger temple in Thailand

Noodle Soup at floating market in Thailand

Noodle Soup at floating market

in Thailand

This noodle soup is really good soup and easy  to find and taste it at floating market in Thailand.

You will see how to cook the noodle soup from boat, ingredian such as mince pork, slice pork, chicken,

chilli, garlic, fish sauce, onion and more.

It is like a fast food which you can get from every city in the country. But at floating market is really special,  we call “Keay Tew Rau” , this name is so popular for the test of noodle .

At floating market was callded “”Domnoen Saduak floating market” , it is the main tourist place in  Thailand which is about 1hrs from Bangkok city for your day tour in Thailand.

A chance to ride the paddle boat and do your shopping with unique souvenir.

Come to try with the real food in Asia at Thailand.