Pattaya Van Transfer Services

Pattaya Van Transfer Services

  • Bangkok- Pattaya
  • Pattaya-Bangkok

Bangkok Daily Transfer Services by Toyota Van Commuter with VIP Seats,

Welcome to Pattaya beach city,

It is not too far from Bangkok, you will love this main tourist destination in Thailand.

Toyota Van Transfer Services

Airport Transfer to Pattaya,
Bangkok – Pattaya Transfer Services

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Tour Hua Hin

Marukhathayawan Palace

in Hua Hin, Thailand

Transfer to Hua Hin from Bangkok or Bangkok Airport to your hotel in Cha-Um &  Hua Hin

by Stopping at Marukhathayawan Palace in Hua Hin Beach,

The rest place in on the way from Bangkok, Thailand.

Hau Hin Palace

Hau Hin Palace

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Hau Hin Palace

Hau Hin Palace

Bangkok Van Transfer services, Thailand

Bangkok Van Transfer + Tour

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  4. Pattaya Tour Transfer Services
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Bangkok Van Transfer Services
Bangkok Van Transfer Services



Bangkok Van Transfer Services

Bangkok Van Transfer Services





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Bangkok Elephant Tours in Thailand

Bangkok Elephant Tours,

in Thailand

Bangkok Elephant Tour

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Tour

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Tour

Chonburi, Thailand


This is the Tiger Zoo for your holiday and day tour from Pattaya, Laem Chabang port Cruise or Bangkok to enjoy and explore the great holiday with the animal shows sucha

Tiger Shows,

Crocodile Show,

Elephant Show,

Pig Racing,

Photo with the big tiger,

Queen of Scorpion

in the full day tour inside of Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand

Sriracha Tiger Zoo




Sriracha Tiger Zoo


Sriracha Tiger Zoo


Sriracha Tiger Zoo


Sriracha Tiger Zoo


Sriracha Tiger Zoo


More information about Sriracha Tiger Zoo,

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Wat Pho ( Reclining buddha temple)

Wat Pho ( Reclining buddha temple)The biggest reclining buddha temple in Bangkok city, that is the must temple to visit during your Bangkok sightseeing Tour, #Thailand

Bangkok China Town walking Tours,

Bangkok Walking Tour(Recommended Tour)

  • China Town
  • 5.5 Tons of the solid gold at Wat Trimit
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Wat Pho
  • Bangkok Noi Canal
  • Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha Temple
  • Khao San Rd,
  • MBK Shopping Mall


This tour /Idea for the full day Bangok Tour come from our experiences in doing Bangkok tours whcih you can see the culture, lifestyles, Temple, City and Market in the same time.


To Start the tour:

Hua Luang Pong Train Station/ MRT subway Train

Keep walking to the China Town (Yaowarat Road), to start at Wat Trimit or Goldend Buddha Temple onward.


Or you can use the local transport from corner to another corner with Tuk Tuk which is fun to be on the tuk tuk as fast and amazing vehicle in Bangkok.


Wat Trimit ——> China Town ——> Bangkok Flower market ——> Wat Pho as the biggest reclining buddha ——>Bangkok Noi Canal ——>Lunch on your own

We have the China Town walking Tours in Bangkok,——> Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha ——> Khao San Road as the backpacker road in Bangkok —–> Shopping Mall at MBK

Then taking the BTS sky train back to your hotel, this is the easy way and the Bangkok Tour package which you can do it by yourself.


Duration at each place in the avaerage time to spent there:

  • Wat Trimit 30 minutes
  • China Town (Yaowarat road) 45 minutes
  • Flower market 30-45 minutes
  • Wat Pho 1hr
  • Bangkok Noi Canal 1 hr
  • Grand Palace 1:30 hrs
  • Khao San Road 1 hr


Bangok city is the big city as the capital of Thailand about 15 million of the population overall, on the walking way you can try to eat many kinds of the fruits, Local food and other local things in the friendly meet with the local people.

Great thing there,

In the end of the road from this side you will see the Golden buddha Temple or Wat Trimit as the 5.5 Tons of the Solid Bbuddha image.

You will love this way for your tour by Yourself (own Tours).


Bangkok China Town Tour.







Asiatique Market in Thailand

Asiatique Riverfront

Bangkok’s night market, Thailand

(Get the free shuttle boat from Sathorn pier, next to Sathorn BTS sky train to the Asiatique Market)



Asiatique Market in Thailand

Asiatique Riverfront market
in Bangkok, Thailand

The new trendy market of Bangkok is here for your shopping, shows and the good food.
it is easy to go to Asiatique market by BTS Sky train, stopping at Sathorn Bridge and to get the shuttle boat for free service by the market.


Asiatique in the night time, it the night market for your tour in Bangkok, Thailand.




AsiaTravelinfo Team

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Thailand Travel Chanel with VDO Tours

Thailand Travel Chanel with VDO Tours to all the main tourist places in Thailand

Tiger Temple Tours in Thailand at Wat Lua Thabua Yanasompano, Kanchanaburi city,, Ayutthay Tour by Cruise, Floating Market, Elephant Camp, Bangkok city Tours etc.,

Laem Chabang Cruise Tour

Laem Chabang Cruise Tour 2014-2015

Laem Chabang port of Thailand for Bangkok city Tour, Pattaya Tours, Ayutthaya Tours and Kanchanaburi Tours

The Laem Chabang port of Thailand is a litle bit far from the main road for you to walk to get the taxi on your own. My recommend, you have to find or prepare the transfer services or the tour packages before you will come out from the Cruise. This is the best  way and easy to make the tour to Laem Chabang port of Thailand. If you have no idea, you can contact at the Laem Chabang port.   The tour packages for Laem Chabang Tour of Thailand with the Exclusive Tour Packages:

Tour Package 1: Bangok Royal city Tour

Tour to Bangkok Royal city from Laem Chabang port to explore the temples and the shopping malls in Bangkok, Thailnad. These are the main tourist places to visit Bangkok from Laem Chabang Cruise:

  • Grand Palace
  • Emerald Buddha Temple
  • The biggest reclining buddha image at Wat Pho
  • Bangkok Canal Tour
  • Down Temple or Wat Arun
  • Shopping
  • Lunch at local restaurant

Tour Package 2: Laem Chabang Cruise Tour to Pattaya Culture & City Tours

  • Nong Nooch Garden,
  • The big Buddha Temple
  • Khao Phra tham nak
  • Pattaya Floating Market
  • Sanctuary of Truth,

Tour Package 3: Laem Chabang Cruise Tour to Ayutthaya city on Old Kingdom Tours

  •  Ayutthaya Historical Parkk
  • Wat Phrasrisanpet,
  • Mongkol Borpit Temple as the big sitting buddha image,
  • Wat Mahathat,
  • Ayothaya Floating Market,
  • Bang Pa In Summer Palace

***Animal Lover Tour packages: Tiger temple Tour + Elephant Ride (in Kanchanaburi city, westside of Bangkok)   ***Fruit Lover Tour Packages: Supattra Fruits Farm ( Fruit Land in Rayong province)

Laem Chabang Cruise Tour

Cruise at Laem Chabang port of Thailand

Cruise Tours to Thailand

Cruise Tour Thailand

Celebrity Cruise ” Millennium”, Shore excursion to Thailand

Mike Buayaem Tel. +66 878170889, Local call 0878170889 Email: Info By

Bangkok Royal Palace, Thailand

    Mike Buayaem Tel. +66 878170889, Local call 0878170889 Email: Info By