Laem Chabang Cruise Tour

Laem Chabang Cruise Tour 2014-2015

Laem Chabang port of Thailand for Bangkok city Tour, Pattaya Tours, Ayutthaya Tours and Kanchanaburi Tours

The Laem Chabang port of Thailand is a litle bit far from the main road for you to walk to get the taxi on your own. My recommend, you have to find or prepare the transfer services or the tour packages before you will come out from the Cruise. This is the best  way and easy to make the tour to Laem Chabang port of Thailand. If you have no idea, you can contact at the Laem Chabang port.   The tour packages for Laem Chabang Tour of Thailand with the Exclusive Tour Packages:

Tour Package 1: Bangok Royal city Tour

Tour to Bangkok Royal city from Laem Chabang port to explore the temples and the shopping malls in Bangkok, Thailnad. These are the main tourist places to visit Bangkok from Laem Chabang Cruise:

  • Grand Palace
  • Emerald Buddha Temple
  • The biggest reclining buddha image at Wat Pho
  • Bangkok Canal Tour
  • Down Temple or Wat Arun
  • Shopping
  • Lunch at local restaurant

Tour Package 2: Laem Chabang Cruise Tour to Pattaya Culture & City Tours

  • Nong Nooch Garden,
  • The big Buddha Temple
  • Khao Phra tham nak
  • Pattaya Floating Market
  • Sanctuary of Truth,

Tour Package 3: Laem Chabang Cruise Tour to Ayutthaya city on Old Kingdom Tours

  •  Ayutthaya Historical Parkk
  • Wat Phrasrisanpet,
  • Mongkol Borpit Temple as the big sitting buddha image,
  • Wat Mahathat,
  • Ayothaya Floating Market,
  • Bang Pa In Summer Palace

***Animal Lover Tour packages: Tiger temple Tour + Elephant Ride (in Kanchanaburi city, westside of Bangkok)   ***Fruit Lover Tour Packages: Supattra Fruits Farm ( Fruit Land in Rayong province)

Laem Chabang Cruise Tour

Cruise at Laem Chabang port of Thailand

Cruise Tours to Thailand

Cruise Tour Thailand

Celebrity Cruise ” Millennium”, Shore excursion to Thailand

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Bangkok Royal Palace, Thailand

    Mike Buayaem Tel. +66 878170889, Local call 0878170889 Email: Info By

Chiang Mai Tour to Doi Suthep

IceCream at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai City

On the way to Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai City ,North of Thailand.  This man will sell Ice Cream to all travellers who come to visit Doi Suthep, this stop at the view point during the way going up to the top of mountain. The Ice Cream is local-made in many flavors with topping in seasonal fruits. The icecream lover will love it to taste during the hot from tempurature and humidity of Ching Mai. 

Chiang Mai City at View Point

Chiang Mai View Point on the way to main tourist place at Doi Suthep, Stopping and relaxing with a good shot which you can relaxe and take all small details on the way of your tour to in Chiang Mai city, Thailan.


Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai city, North of Thailand
Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai By

Doi Suthep Temple, this temple is the most sacret temple in north province of Thailnad at Chiang Mai. The beautiful building and structures are attracted all tourists and travellers around the world to visit this temple. The main chedi  was covered with the gold and contained the relices of Lord Buddha inside of the main Chedi.

The most of buddhist people when they come to visit north of  Thailand in Chiang Mai, this is the one temple which we have to come and worship as the same to big temples around the country.

Welcome to Chiang Mai with northern culture in their old traditional styles.

Welcome to Thailand with the thousand of smiles.




Sangklhaburi with Lake Safari at Khaolaem Dam

The Big Lake at Khaolaem Dam
Lake safari at Sangkhlaburi  in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Khaolaem Dam ,this is the place to excape from the big city in Bangkok , it is on the westside of Bangok ,Kanchanaburi city – Khaolaem Dam 220 Kms, Bangok – Kanchanaburi 130 Kms, there are many activities to explore during your staying here.

  • Fishing, Swimming, Trekking, Hiking, Coconut farm, Rubber tree, local temples, hill tribal villages and etc.

Floating House , the place to stay with the nature for 3Nights in the fresh big lake during your programs.

To pick up you from Vans which transfer you from Bangkok city about 7-8hrs to reach here with the skills drivers who known these area very well for care us with journey.

 At a middle part of water with the further fishing boat at the Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi ,Thailand.

It is really fresh breath from nature, go…..and swim……..

A corner of Floating’s house with staffs to care you in your private Lake, Thailand.

The vans came from Bangkok for transfering to Big lake , donw to the river bank.

This place is fresh from travellers , it has not many travellers yet.

The another tourist attraction place is for you when you want to go somewhere out with jungle and mountain.

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Tour Tiger temple cave in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple cave

Kanchanaburi Tour ,Thailand

This is the one place to do tour in Kanchanaburi city from Bangkok in Thailand,

you will see the big temple of buddhist monks with the greatest view of rice field and riverfront from temple.

Tour to Bangkok city was one of the most popular destination in Asian country among the travellers around the world to Thailand, so some of tourists will visit Floating market , River Kwai Bridge, Riding on the death railway from World War II and Tiger temple .

Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple cave is the one of tourist place which you can combine with your main tourist places during your visit to Kanchanaburi city ,Thailand.

The main buildings in Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple Cave

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Kanchanaburi city,Thailand

This is the main buddha image in Wat Thamsue in Kanchanaburi city,Thailand.

This Wat Thamsue is very nice place to explore and visit in your tour to Kanchanaburi city. Welcome to the buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi city for your tour and culture tour.

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Tour Bangkok City

Tour Tourist places for Bangkok City Tour

Tour by yourself in Bangkok, Thailand.

The following tourist places which I will show how to make a trip and tour in Bangkok city, capital of Thailand by yourself, no need any tour and travel agency to run for you.

  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Pho
  • Wat Arun
  • Flower Market
  • Bangkok Canal Tour
  • and China Town walking Tour
  • How can you start for this tour in Bangkok City Tour By yourself?

First , you have to start from Flower Market at Pak Klong Talad Market which is the biggest flower market in Bangkok City.

At Pak Klong Talad Flower Market , you will see and enjoy you early day Trip with the beautiful flowers around the corners in everypart of area. The flowers were brought to market in early morning . Some of flowers was imported from oversea to Thailland to sell here. I’m sure you will love it.

After Flower market , you have to walk straith to Wat Pho in north of flower market, 10 minutes by walking to there.

Wat Pho is the biggest sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok city, this buddha image was built by the faith of the buddhist people who believe the great merit-making for thier religion. Wat Pho is the first school for the Thai massage, well- known around the world from Wat pho.

Grand Palace with Emerald Buddha Temple will be the next from Wat Pho by walking in 15 minutes. The landmarks of Bangkok City , Capital of Thailand . In Bangkok City Tour this is the place which all have to come and visit while you are here in Bangkok City of Thailand. This grand palace was built by King  Rama I  in 1782 .

Lunch Time

Bangkok Canal Tour

Wat Arun

China Market for Walking Tour

Ending of Your own tour in Bangkok City

Bye Bye ….Hopefully you can do it in easy trip, but let enjoy by your own way.

This map will be easy for you to start your own tour without travel agency in Bangkok city, Capital Tour in Thailand.

Bangkok Flower Market at Pak Klong Talad, The biggest flower market in Bangkok city,Thailand.

Wat Pho or sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok city, Thailand. Well-known as Thai massage school.

Grand Palace with Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok City, Thailand .

Long Tail Boat in Bangkok Canal Tour

Floating market in Bangkok City : Saturday and Sunday by weekend day.

Bangkok Canal Tour, Feeding fishes by your hand with breads in front of Temple .

Wat Arun or Down Temple after the Canal Tour , this is the next temple which you have to visit.

China Town in Yaowarat Road, The colouful place by the day & night time is amazing place to do walking tour in Bangkok city, Thailand.


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Time to plan your holiday and vacation to Asia

Asia countries on the sportlinght of tourist destination from around the world, it values your money to Indochina countries and Thailand.

Holy elephant  in Chaing Rai

Your destination Tour and Travel


Bangkok : Bangkok City Tour, Floating market, River Kwai, Tiger Temple, Waterfall

Chiang Mai: Elephant riding, Long Neck Tribal, Night Barzar

Phuket: Isand  and Baeach



Seam Reap: Angkor wat , Angkor Thom

Phanom Penh: Tonle Sap Lake and Museum of Wars


Vietnam :

Ho Chi Minh City: Vietnam Tunel in Vietnam War

Ha Noi: Harlong Bay



Vientiane: Wat Sisaket

Luang Phrabang: City Culture tour


All in short for your idea to travel in Incochina and Asia in your next Holiday and Trip.


Tiger Temple Tour in Thailand

Tiger Temple Thailand Tour

Tiger sanctuary as Buddhist Temple Thailand

Feeding Tiger Cubs in Tiger temple tour

Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi in Thailand

Tiger temple at Wat Luatha Bua Yanasompanno

This is the buddhist temple for all people to visit and do all ceremonies. The Tiger temple was know by Thai people as the Wat Luatha Bua Yanasompanno, the venerable monk from the noth-east of Thailand. No. Tiger temple was the main tourist attraction places for all travellers around the world to visit and do all exercises with the tigers.

 To see the tigers in temple, doing many activities inside over there were the great tour programs to do with your family and group tour . So, one thing is very important , you have to dress properly,

Lady : with the sleeves cover their shoulder, long pans to cover their kneel.

Man: Short is over and no bright colours at all,


This is the prepareing yourself  before to make tour to Tiger Temple Tour in Thailand,

Your tour groups will not be upset because of something a bit there.

Enjoy your Tour and Trip to Tiger Temple with a small bangkok tour program for your tour from Bangkok city.

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