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Bangkok Van Transfer Services
Bangkok Van Transfer Services



Bangkok Van Transfer Services

Bangkok Van Transfer Services





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Don Muang Airport to Bus stop

This is the way to go to your hotel in central part of Bangkok city for public buses at main road.

Step I:
After your flight landed at Don Muang Airport ,please walk straight to Gate No.6.
Finding the Exit way to Railway Station or Amari Hotel.

Step 2:
Walking up to sign of hotel/railway station and find the door to leave from flyover to go down to main road in the same side of Don Muang Airport.

Step 3:
You will see bus stop with many people overthere.
If you did not know the bus numbers to go, please feel free to contact anyone there for your places to go.

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Bangkok airport

Bangkok airport



Don Muang Airport

Don Muang Airport




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Don Muang Airport in Bangkok,Thailand

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok,Thailand

Don Muang Airport
Bangkok Airport in Thailand

You have two Bangkok Airport to transfer you to Bangkok’s hotels.
To make sure on your arrive at Bangkok’s airport,

Don muang Airport is the place for Domestic flights and Low cost airlines to operate from this Don Muang Airport. To go to your hotel in Bangkok from this Don Muang Airport ,you have to take these transports

Taxi: the taxi stand overthere ,it is easy for transport from this Dom Muang Airport

Public bus: you can take public buses by walking out to the main road and take the public buses. There are many buses over to come to central parts of Bangkok. Please do not be shine to ask people overthere to get your public transport to city’s hotel.

Train: you also can take train to city by crossing the fly over to train station in from of Dom Muang Airport and to be waiting overthere for a while, then the cheapest tickets as you can see and buy from that Don Muang Train station.

Private Van: Arrangement everything before you will come to Don Muang Airport , it will be the good idea for me to recommend you to do from this Dom Muang Airport. You can arrange van from Travel Agent in Bangkok by website or as you known.

**No BTS Sky train from this airport to city, if you want to connect to BTR Sky train which you have to take taxi to JJ BTS sky  train and you can connect from this station to all areas of Bangkok.

Suvarnaphumi Airport is the the international airport for your flights from around the world to this airport. Suvarnaphumi located in the eastside of Bangkok, it will take about 35 -50 minutes to arrive your hotels in Central Bangkok.

To go to city’s hotels from Suvarnaphumi airport by:

Airportlink: Going to underground of Suvarnaphumi airport and take ticket there , it is the easy way to go to city by Airportlink. There are two lines: Express line-99 THB, Normal line-45 THb

Taxi: At the first floof outside of Building ,you can get taxi there.

Public bus: It was quite very hard to get the public transport from here to go inside of Bangkok if you did not know the way. I’m not recommend this way to you.

Van: Arragement in before coming to Suvarnaphumi airport will be good to you and your group for tour to Thailand.

Time to plan your holiday and vacation to Asia

Asia countries on the sportlinght of tourist destination from around the world, it values your money to Indochina countries and Thailand.

Holy elephant  in Chaing Rai

Your destination Tour and Travel


Bangkok : Bangkok City Tour, Floating market, River Kwai, Tiger Temple, Waterfall

Chiang Mai: Elephant riding, Long Neck Tribal, Night Barzar

Phuket: Isand  and Baeach



Seam Reap: Angkor wat , Angkor Thom

Phanom Penh: Tonle Sap Lake and Museum of Wars


Vietnam :

Ho Chi Minh City: Vietnam Tunel in Vietnam War

Ha Noi: Harlong Bay



Vientiane: Wat Sisaket

Luang Phrabang: City Culture tour


All in short for your idea to travel in Incochina and Asia in your next Holiday and Trip.


Tour Transfer in Bangkok to Poi Pet Border

Bangkok to Poi Pet Tour Transfer

In your trip to Bangkok Thailand, the best way to Poi Pet Combodia Border from Bangkok City which it is very easy to go there.
There are three ways as the following :
1)Public bus,
4)Private Tour

In the first way: you can go to Bus terminal in Eakamai Bus Terminal or MorChit Bus Station. From there you can ask for the bus to Arunyapradhet or Poi Pet Combodia Border.

In Second way: you can go to Van Station from Vitory monument and asking for the van to Poi Pet Combodia Border in Arunyaphradet.

In third way: you can join tour transfer to Poi Pet Combodia Border from Khaosan Road, Sukhumvit Road, Silom Road and in main tourist places in Bkk.

In the last choice: You can go to contact from Travel agent and Tour operator in Bkk.

These are the best ways to move to Combodia for Angkor Wat or to Vietnam Trip and Tour in Indochina.