King Rama II Garden






















King Rama II Garden

Amphawa Floating Market


These are pictures from the King Rama II Garden in Ratchaburi Province.

Thai style house made from teak wood is the best of Thai houses in Thailand ,refering to the rich family who can make it from the real teak wood.

The stongest wood to build your house was the best wood to explore from the country. Now , it is not easy to get them from the jungle , the main land for the industrial wood of teak wood which we can see from Lumpang provicne in north of Thailand.

Thai house from Bid Teak Wood is the withness to see and explore there.

This Uthayan Raw Song or King Rama II Garden is easy to visit then the main tourist place for visiting ” Amphawa Floating market “.  Amphawa floating market was in main tourist destination for all travellers to visit in the weekend day…

Good time to explore Thai house with Bothanical garden and the Famous Amphawa Floating Market together in once time.

Amphawa Floating Market

one hour from Bangkok City to Floating MarketAmphawa Floating market

The floating Market in Samutsongkram Provine in Thailand, the one of the main tourist place

to visit about 1hrs from Bangkok city.

Good time to visit in morning time to explore the local life , their culture ,testse food and fruits.

River is the main way to move and go around the city and villages in Thailand in those time , this culture

of local  still keeeping their way till the present time.

Charm and Unique of Floating market will make you to love their way of life,

Amphawa floating Market is in the community of the temple and in the same time you can go to visit buddhist temple which it the main religion in Thailand.

Thai people are very kindness person and freindly,

you can talk to them and ask for experiences in your style .

Welcome to Amphawa floating Market ,Thailand.

Half Day or Full Day Tour from bangkok  in your option.




Amphawa Floating Market in Thailand

Amphawa Floating Market in Thailand

The new floating market in Samutsongkran province


The new destination for Tour to floating Market in Thailand.

here ,you can go to the local life of the people beside the river , that is the central part of the community in the rural villages.


Shopping and test all kinds of fruits and food from here is really testy. Especially for the see food from the boat which they will grill for you in the reasonable prices.

In Amphawa floating market  , you can see the River named Mae klong River which to explore them trough the villages and community . You have to go by the logn tail boat which is the great experiences to explore the life beside of the River.

Amphawa is the one place in Ratchaburi for the home stay for a night. At that time you can go to see the fly-lighting insects at the night time around the river or canals. The whole area of the Amphawa is the great of plantation and still be greenery places , the good condition for them to survive here on the bank of the river or canal.

Amphawa Tour and Trip Wecome you to experinces it by yourself with us.

Real nature to do here with the unfogetable memorial experiences in Thailand.




Floating market in Thailand

Domnern Saduak Floating Market

1:30 hrs from Bangkok City



Floatng Market place , Every thing in the canal: food

Fruits ,Noodle boat, Souvenir shop and life.




Floating market is the best place for you to make a trip to this market in short time.

Thailand floating market has many places.


I will tell you today in 3places: 1) Domneon Saduak Floating Market, Tha Ka floating Market, Ampawa Floating Market.

Domneon Saduak floating Market is the famous floating market , it is the main tourist attraction in the moment time.

Tha ka Floating Market is the old floating market which take place in the weeken day, it is just only 2 days for the week.

Amphawa Floating Market  is the new floating market to attact all the tourists to visit it, in every day it is the one of those floating market  for the half day tour and full day tour from bangkok city.