Thailand Travel Chanel with VDO Tours

Thailand Travel Chanel with VDO Tours to all the main tourist places in Thailand

Tiger Temple Tours in Thailand at Wat Lua Thabua Yanasompano, Kanchanaburi city,, Ayutthay Tour by Cruise, Floating Market, Elephant Camp, Bangkok city Tours etc.,

Sangklhaburi with Lake Safari at Khaolaem Dam

The Big Lake at Khaolaem Dam
Lake safari at Sangkhlaburi  in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Khaolaem Dam ,this is the place to excape from the big city in Bangkok , it is on the westside of Bangok ,Kanchanaburi city – Khaolaem Dam 220 Kms, Bangok – Kanchanaburi 130 Kms, there are many activities to explore during your staying here.

  • Fishing, Swimming, Trekking, Hiking, Coconut farm, Rubber tree, local temples, hill tribal villages and etc.

Floating House , the place to stay with the nature for 3Nights in the fresh big lake during your programs.

To pick up you from Vans which transfer you from Bangkok city about 7-8hrs to reach here with the skills drivers who known these area very well for care us with journey.

 At a middle part of water with the further fishing boat at the Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi ,Thailand.

It is really fresh breath from nature, go…..and swim……..

A corner of Floating’s house with staffs to care you in your private Lake, Thailand.

The vans came from Bangkok for transfering to Big lake , donw to the river bank.

This place is fresh from travellers , it has not many travellers yet.

The another tourist attraction place is for you when you want to go somewhere out with jungle and mountain.

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Asiatique the riverfront in Bangkok city

Asiatique the Riverfront

At Jaroenkrung (Bangkok, Thailand)

The new shopping mall in style of Siam & Europe , it has 4 categories of entertainment on the river bank of Chao Phraya river.

Part 1: Jareon Krung , there are shops more than 1,000 shops to realize your things what do you want to buy here as the souvenir in morden styles & unique.
Part 2: Klang Muang; the mixing two culture East meet West for varity of food ,Bar beers, Opening -play ground

Part 3: Factory; inside of sawmill with the top new fashion shops more than 500 shops.                                            

Part 4: Riverside; the best view which you can get it from here at the riverside of Chao Phraya river with many shops with another food restuarants.


What can you see here?  these are the great shows to see at Asiatuqe the Riverfront

  • Calypso show,
  • Joe Louis’s puppet show

Open: 5pm – 12am in everyday

Tiger temple in Thailand

Khao Yai National Park ,Korat ,Thailand

Khao Yai National Park in Korat
The world Heritages site by UNESCO in 1995

The park covered 11 districts of 4 provinces : Saraburi, Nakornrachasima, Phrachin Buri and Nakornayok.
Khao Yai national park is well -known to Thai people as “Dong Phaya Yen”, The deep jungle and dangerous area. The area of national park is 2,165.55 square kilometres. At the top peak of mountain that is 1,351 metres.

The places of wild elephants is about 200 wild elephants in jungle of Khao yai national park. The ozone area to Thailand and Asian countries is here, now the places in Korat was the main tourist places for all travellers will come to visit and explore the national park.

Camping Place
Khao Yai National park is the one of the main camping area to tourists during the winter season. This place will be the coolest place one of those coolest area in Thailand.

Trekking Area in Khao Yai
The trekking activity will offer to tourists in area in two options:
1)Soft Trekking ,2hrs
2)Hard Trekking ,3-4hrs

Waterfall at Khao Yai National Park

  • Heo Narok Waterfall
  • Kong Kaeo Waterfall
  • Heo Suwat Waterfall

Khao Yai national plark is the places for all activities which can run your family tour or private tour to park, the best hotels are easy to find around the park of Khao Yai, it is the great area for whole year of tour.

Another point to do in Park:  View point, The tower to see the animals .


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Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand is land of thousand smiles, central part of tourists and travellers in Asian countries . From Bangkok ,Thailand  which you can connect to our neighbouring countries in easy way.

Tour Packages in Thailand have many choices for you to visit such as:

  • Bangkok Tour Packages 3Days
  • Eco Central Tour 5Days
  • Old Kingdom 5Days
  • Thailand Tour Bangkok to North Kingdom 7Days
  • Ancient City with north Culture to Beaches 13Days
  • Travel Designed Tour Packages

Thailand Tour from Bangkok – North in Chiang Mai, These are the main tourist places which you can do your holiday and vacation from Bangkok on Thailand tour packages to north.

  • Ayuthatya City:  World heritate Sites
  • Lopburi: Khmer Sancturies as Phrang Samyod
  • Pitsanulok: Wat Phra putthachinarat
  • Sukhothai: Old Capital in North of Thailand
  • Lumpang: The heritage for Culture and religion
  • Chaing Rai: White Temple and Golde Triangle
  • Chiang Mai: Doi Suthep Temple, and Handdicraft Villages, Long Neck Karean Hill tribal
  • Phuket: PP Island and the beaches
  • Koh Chang Island: White sand beaches


Thailand  got their own culture which mixed with Kmer, Hindu, Chinese and buddhism. The rich culture in their country will attract you to stay and explore it as your great holiday and vacation.

Tour around Thailand was great tour to come to visit Thailand during your holiday and vacation in private or family tour.




Tour Bangkok City

Tour Tourist places for Bangkok City Tour

Tour by yourself in Bangkok, Thailand.

The following tourist places which I will show how to make a trip and tour in Bangkok city, capital of Thailand by yourself, no need any tour and travel agency to run for you.

  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Pho
  • Wat Arun
  • Flower Market
  • Bangkok Canal Tour
  • and China Town walking Tour
  • How can you start for this tour in Bangkok City Tour By yourself?

First , you have to start from Flower Market at Pak Klong Talad Market which is the biggest flower market in Bangkok City.

At Pak Klong Talad Flower Market , you will see and enjoy you early day Trip with the beautiful flowers around the corners in everypart of area. The flowers were brought to market in early morning . Some of flowers was imported from oversea to Thailland to sell here. I’m sure you will love it.

After Flower market , you have to walk straith to Wat Pho in north of flower market, 10 minutes by walking to there.

Wat Pho is the biggest sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok city, this buddha image was built by the faith of the buddhist people who believe the great merit-making for thier religion. Wat Pho is the first school for the Thai massage, well- known around the world from Wat pho.

Grand Palace with Emerald Buddha Temple will be the next from Wat Pho by walking in 15 minutes. The landmarks of Bangkok City , Capital of Thailand . In Bangkok City Tour this is the place which all have to come and visit while you are here in Bangkok City of Thailand. This grand palace was built by King  Rama I  in 1782 .

Lunch Time

Bangkok Canal Tour

Wat Arun

China Market for Walking Tour

Ending of Your own tour in Bangkok City

Bye Bye ….Hopefully you can do it in easy trip, but let enjoy by your own way.

This map will be easy for you to start your own tour without travel agency in Bangkok city, Capital Tour in Thailand.

Bangkok Flower Market at Pak Klong Talad, The biggest flower market in Bangkok city,Thailand.

Wat Pho or sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok city, Thailand. Well-known as Thai massage school.

Grand Palace with Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok City, Thailand .

Long Tail Boat in Bangkok Canal Tour

Floating market in Bangkok City : Saturday and Sunday by weekend day.

Bangkok Canal Tour, Feeding fishes by your hand with breads in front of Temple .

Wat Arun or Down Temple after the Canal Tour , this is the next temple which you have to visit.

China Town in Yaowarat Road, The colouful place by the day & night time is amazing place to do walking tour in Bangkok city, Thailand.


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High season Tour and Travel in Thailand

October onward that is the really season for your tour and vacation to Thailand around the country.

The temperature and every thing was nice and great to make a trip and holiday to asian country.

Welcome to the Golden land of Asian country

Safari World in Bangkok Tour

Safari World in Bangkok Day Tour

Full Day Tour



Price: 60 USD



Bangkok Safari World is in Bangkok City .  Enjoy your Tour and Trip to the park of the animals show and Safari Park.

There are two parts of Safari World in Bangkok Tour

1) Marine Park with the Shows:

Monkey Show, Sea Lion Show , Stuntman Show or Cowboy Show, Dolphin Show, Bird Show, Elephant show and Spy War Show.


2)Safari Park :

Going by Van through the park to see such as Zeabra, Lion, Tiger Ostrich, Deer, Peacock and Water buffolo etc.

Bringing you to explore the myth of Bangkok Corners in Capital of Thailand.

Tour included: Transportation, English speaking Tourist Guide, Tickets to Safari World,

Lunch and Services.


Tour not inclued: Personal expenses, Drinks, Tips, and other did not mentioned in the tour program.

Pick Up: 08:30 am

Direction: North of Bangkok

Duration: Full Day Tour

Size:2- 40 pax


Booking and more information,

Please contact



MD & Tour Operator


Tel.+ 66 85 145 2016

Tel. 085 145 2016