Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya


Nong Nooch Garden

Pattaya Garden in City Beach of Thailand

This is the one park for all the travellers in Pattaya city to vivis during in the day time. After along staying with the white sand beach they can come to spend the day time in the park with the family to see the show in the hall, elephants show and walking through the sky walk . The Nong Nooch Garden welcome you all to relax and spending your holiday and vacation together here.


Garden near the central parts in Nong Nooch Garden.

Activities in the Nong Nooch Park to join  and share the experiences in Pattaya Tour for Half Day or Full Day Tour.


Taking action with the birds in the park as the walking theme in Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.


The Drums show is going to tell the time or to pray  or respect to the master before the performance.


The grand show with the beautiful costumes in Thai style.


Show in the different parts of dencing in main stage.

Many travellers and Tourists came to visit in each day, it was not effected by the flood in the central of Thailand. Good time to come to visit in this season for your holiday and vacation in City beach which is not far from Bangkok capital of Thailand.


The Palm Trees and Main walking in the big park.


Garden with Sala or Pavilion in the park , The rest area in beautiful Park of Nong Nooch Garden.


Stonehenge in Park


The Buildings in Thai styles is most beautiful with the background with the moutain in same area of Nong Nooch Garden.

Welcome to Pattaya day Tour to Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

of City Beach in Chonburi, Thailand.


Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach in Chonburi


Pattaya city , Pattaya CityPattaya beach in your own time for Big holiday and vacation in Thailand ,at Chonburi.

Moring time after your breakfast , Walking down to walk-way by the beach under the coconut tree and fresh air from the sea in Pattaya City.

After the long walking ,then come to the white sand beach and taking rest, touching the cool sand ,the first touch for your mind in early moring with big holiday in Pattay, Thailand.

For your sefety ,Pattaya city provides the best protection for their guest in case of emergency which you can can direct to Call Center as the picture in above, So it is the beautiful Pattaya beach and Good place to do holiday from Bangkok city in 2hrs.

Tour to Pattaya city ,we all welcome to your home beach.

This is the one choice for you to do the Bangkok city to Pattaya beach.

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