Chinese Temple in Pattaya Thailand

Lion as the guard to protect the holy place in Chinese temple

The Lion made from the stone to stand as the guardian to protect the holy place in Chinese Temple in Chonburi, Pattaya City of Thailand. This the great of their work located there .




Main gate to the chinese temple in Pattaya Chity, Chonburi Thailand

The main gate to the chinese temple or Viharn Sien Pattaya City of Chonburi, Thailand.



Place for them to come and worship here with insense and joinsticks of Chinese people in Chonburi City of Thailand.



The lord Buddha was casted in bronze which was very beautiful artwork here in Viharn Sien ,Chonburi city ,Thailand.



The happy buddha for the luck when you have the time to worship them in holy temple of Thailand.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach in Chonburi


Pattaya city , Pattaya CityPattaya beach in your own time for Big holiday and vacation in Thailand ,at Chonburi.

Moring time after your breakfast , Walking down to walk-way by the beach under the coconut tree and fresh air from the sea in Pattaya City.

After the long walking ,then come to the white sand beach and taking rest, touching the cool sand ,the first touch for your mind in early moring with big holiday in Pattay, Thailand.

For your sefety ,Pattaya city provides the best protection for their guest in case of emergency which you can can direct to Call Center as the picture in above, So it is the beautiful Pattaya beach and Good place to do holiday from Bangkok city in 2hrs.

Tour to Pattaya city ,we all welcome to your home beach.

This is the one choice for you to do the Bangkok city to Pattaya beach.

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