Elephant Riding in Thailand

Asian Elephant Camp, Riding to jungleElephant

Thailand is the land of smiles, smiling for your experiences in tour activities to share with all from this picture.

Elephants are the most important for Thailand  or Siam , the main role to protect the kingdom. Bringing the king with his army to protect his kindom.

In Kanchanaburi City, when you make the tour and travel to Bangkok Thailand.  You or your group should spent some time to stay with the great giant in the wild, to give some help for them to survive in the present time.

No more role for them to do, provide the chance for them to work and make living for their labour by making you to be happy on your tour and travel to Bangkok and any places in Thailand. Just only one hand which give a help to them.

Elephant will eat in one day about 6-12 % of their weight,