Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa by Singapore

New World and  Destination for Travelling


Dolphin Lagoon: The show of Dolphins show which was the clever and smart animals in the sea. All will love the show here with the playing and following the instruction of their leaders or controllers .

Underwater world: The world popular tourist place for passing underwater world which all the  kids love to come and explore at this corner in Sentosa World Park for the Big Family day as Weekenday. The time to move to see sea nature with the big life fo fishes which were not easy to see them from the real big sea. Here the place for all to joy in easy and fun.

Merlion Tower: This is the symbol of Singapore which was the new building to the Santosa Park, the tall of building is about 37 M. from the ground, there is the place to see the whole area of Sentosa Island. Merlion Tower is the best view to see the Singapore in South part of Country. Fresh air and Nice view will attact you to love the new zone of Sentosa Island.

Cabel Car: By Jewel Box of Cable Car, to explore from the bird-eye view at Cable Car . That must be the lovely place to enjoy at sky top over the Island.

Song of Sea: The new show to Sentosa Park that is Song of the Sea, From the curtain of the Water will play with the light of laser under the world of imagine Idea to entertain all comer to join in the show. All the creature lifes will come to bring imagines to follow the story. Great show and Time to relax in Sentosa Park.