World economic forum on East Asia in Bangkok,Thailand

World Economic forum On East Asia

Bangkok ,Thailand

30 May- 1 June, 2012

This is the time of Asia to rise and cooperate economic and culture.

  1. To rebalance the global and regional economic,
  2. To manage inflation, capital outflows, commodity price volatility and balanced growth,
  3. To increase growth through innovation, improve talent mobility, entrepreneurship and skill building.

This time is the first visit to Thailand of  the great leader of LPD party from Myanmar “Oung San Suu Kyi”, she will come to join the world submit in Bangkok.

She was the leadership to fight for freedom in her country and the nation. The world most interesting point will be focus on this time.

The great chance for all Asia countries join with the world.

Welcome to follow the focus and main point in the submit.