Noodle Soup at floating market in Thailand

Noodle Soup at floating market

in Thailand

This noodle soup is really good soup and easy  to find and taste it at floating market in Thailand.

You will see how to cook the noodle soup from boat, ingredian such as mince pork, slice pork, chicken,

chilli, garlic, fish sauce, onion and more.

It is like a fast food which you can get from every city in the country. But at floating market is really special,  we call “Keay Tew Rau” , this name is so popular for the test of noodle .

At floating market was callded “”Domnoen Saduak floating market” , it is the main tourist place in  Thailand which is about 1hrs from Bangkok city for your day tour in Thailand.

A chance to ride the paddle boat and do your shopping with unique souvenir.

Come to try with the real food in Asia at Thailand.

Floating market in Thailand

Domnern Saduak Floating Market

1:30 hrs from Bangkok City



Floatng Market place , Every thing in the canal: food

Fruits ,Noodle boat, Souvenir shop and life.




Floating market is the best place for you to make a trip to this market in short time.

Thailand floating market has many places.


I will tell you today in 3places: 1) Domneon Saduak Floating Market, Tha Ka floating Market, Ampawa Floating Market.

Domneon Saduak floating Market is the famous floating market , it is the main tourist attraction in the moment time.

Tha ka Floating Market is the old floating market which take place in the weeken day, it is just only 2 days for the week.

Amphawa Floating Market  is the new floating market to attact all the tourists to visit it, in every day it is the one of those floating market  for the half day tour and full day tour from bangkok city.