Khao San Road Tour in Bangkok City

Tour Khao San Road

Bangkok City Tour


This is the best place to stay in Bangkok city ,Thailand .

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The Bangkok city Tour to the main tourist places in Bangkok city,Thailand such as


  • Bangkok Canal Tour, walking up to the Chaopraya River( going to the west-side of Khao San Road) about 5minutes),
  • Grand Palace Tour: Walking to the south of Khao Raod about 15 minutes,
  • Wat Arun Temple: About 15 minutes in otherside of Chao Phraya River, next to Grand Palace,
  • Wat Pho or the Biggest Sleeping Buddha Temple: Behind Grand palace,


Sight from the top umbella at the main road of Khao San Road, Bangkok city in Thailand.



Khao San Road by Day Time


Khao San Road, late by day time and busy of road.


Khao San Road with more business to sale along the main road.


Tuk Tuk , it alway waits you around the corners in Bangkok city, enjoy with it.



The main gate to visit Grand Palace with Everald Buddha Temple in Bangkok city,Thailand. By walking 15 minutes fromKhao San Raod.



Rama 8 Bridge , 10 minutes by walking from Khao San Road



Klong or canal in BangkokBangkok Flaoting Market, you can take the long tail-boat to visit in day time ,Bangkok Flaoting Market will have in weekend day:Saturday & Sunday.



Wat Arun or Down Temple  in other side of Chao Phraya River, by 15 minutes from Khao San Road by your walking tour.

we hope you can enjoy your day trip to bangkok city, enjoy to stay at Khao San Road Thailand.



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