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China Town in Bangkok

All the same to the China town in your country?


One time one picture in Chinese New Year.

The one of tourist place to visit in Thailand in capital of Bangkok.



Asia Travel Info Map

Destinaton in Main Steam

Asia Map Main Tourist Places

Asia Countries are the main tourist attraction places to around the world.

Singapore can be the first place to start your Tour?

Or Malaysia should be the first place for your next trip to Asia?

How do you think?    Agree with me….

Thailand  to Combodia, Vietnam and Laos ,Then back to Thailand flighting back to your homes.



Travellers place to Share with your friends Before Trip to Asia or the World


The good new for all to share our experiences in travelling ,
Your last Trip,Holiday, Bad hotel, Some Cheating and the love place for all to visit from your real experiences.

Travel Part for all to come …..
The world is not only our home ,city and here.

Come out here , we share together

Open up The place for all .

Rapid Train, Metropolitan, Capital city, Thailand, Tour to World, Transportation System

Train, Rapid Train, Tourist information Center


I want to go to Indai agian,  Amazing tourist place in one of the world?





Tea Time in your relax style North of Thailand

Chicken Tea Pot

In north of Thailand

China republic is the birth place of the Tea? British?

Anyway right now , Time for your tea cup.

Enjoy your day life!