Tiger temple in Thailand

Tour Tiger temple cave in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple cave

Kanchanaburi Tour ,Thailand

This is the one place to do tour in Kanchanaburi city from Bangkok in Thailand,

you will see the big temple of buddhist monks with the greatest view of rice field and riverfront from temple.

Tour to Bangkok city was one of the most popular destination in Asian country among the travellers around the world to Thailand, so some of tourists will visit Floating market , River Kwai Bridge, Riding on the death railway from World War II and Tiger temple .

Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple cave is the one of tourist place which you can combine with your main tourist places during your visit to Kanchanaburi city ,Thailand.

The main buildings in Wat Thamsue or Tiger temple Cave

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Kanchanaburi city,Thailand

This is the main buddha image in Wat Thamsue in Kanchanaburi city,Thailand.

This Wat Thamsue is very nice place to explore and visit in your tour to Kanchanaburi city. Welcome to the buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi city for your tour and culture tour.

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Tour Bangkok City

Tour Tourist places for Bangkok City Tour

Tour by yourself in Bangkok, Thailand.

The following tourist places which I will show how to make a trip and tour in Bangkok city, capital of Thailand by yourself, no need any tour and travel agency to run for you.

  • Grand Palace
  • Wat Pho
  • Wat Arun
  • Flower Market
  • Bangkok Canal Tour
  • and China Town walking Tour
  • How can you start for this tour in Bangkok City Tour By yourself?

First , you have to start from Flower Market at Pak Klong Talad Market which is the biggest flower market in Bangkok City.

At Pak Klong Talad Flower Market , you will see and enjoy you early day Trip with the beautiful flowers around the corners in everypart of area. The flowers were brought to market in early morning . Some of flowers was imported from oversea to Thailland to sell here. I’m sure you will love it.

After Flower market , you have to walk straith to Wat Pho in north of flower market, 10 minutes by walking to there.

Wat Pho is the biggest sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok city, this buddha image was built by the faith of the buddhist people who believe the great merit-making for thier religion. Wat Pho is the first school for the Thai massage, well- known around the world from Wat pho.

Grand Palace with Emerald Buddha Temple will be the next from Wat Pho by walking in 15 minutes. The landmarks of Bangkok City , Capital of Thailand . In Bangkok City Tour this is the place which all have to come and visit while you are here in Bangkok City of Thailand. This grand palace was built by King  Rama I  in 1782 .

Lunch Time

Bangkok Canal Tour

Wat Arun

China Market for Walking Tour

Ending of Your own tour in Bangkok City

Bye Bye ….Hopefully you can do it in easy trip, but let enjoy by your own way.

This map will be easy for you to start your own tour without travel agency in Bangkok city, Capital Tour in Thailand.

Bangkok Flower Market at Pak Klong Talad, The biggest flower market in Bangkok city,Thailand.

Wat Pho or sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok city, Thailand. Well-known as Thai massage school.

Grand Palace with Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok City, Thailand .

Long Tail Boat in Bangkok Canal Tour

Floating market in Bangkok City : Saturday and Sunday by weekend day.

Bangkok Canal Tour, Feeding fishes by your hand with breads in front of Temple .

Wat Arun or Down Temple after the Canal Tour , this is the next temple which you have to visit.

China Town in Yaowarat Road, The colouful place by the day & night time is amazing place to do walking tour in Bangkok city, Thailand.


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